Be Well Bath Ritual

Be Well Bath Ritual
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Among my very favorite ways to unwind & restore my head & body is by simply taking a tub. While I start this ritual process I understand that this is my period & helps anchor my week (even when I do so at the middle of this week!) Using a feeling of deliberate self-care & calm.

My bathtub takes approximately 20 minutes to fill, so I set a timer as to not escape the bathtub & so I could perform all of the bath prepping throughout that moment. This listing I am sharing may look like a great deal when composed, but it is not once you obtain your routine down.

Suggestion: be certain that you keep all of your favourite bath time necessary oils & tools useful directly in the toilet so you don’t have to go running around the home collecting everything.



Begin to fill a spa
Create a drink
Big glass of water with a fall of Lemon Essential Oil
Diffuse Eucalyptus + Rosemary
Both of these oils collectively create that refreshing, relaxing, spa vibe.

The earthy odor makes me feel super hot.
Light some candles
This produces a fantastic ambience, particularly when you’re able to turn off the lights.

In a glass jar, create your Own Well Bath Salt blend:

8oz Epsom Salts
1oz Baking Soda (Aluminum Free)
4-6 drops doTERRA Vital Oils
1T Fractionated Coconut Oil
(dimensions do not have to be accurate!)

DIY your personal mix

Oils for Happy, Healthful Skin Care – Frankincense, Myrhh, Sandalwood, Lavender, Cedarwood, Yarrow|Pom
Oils for Hormone Balancing – Geranium, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Clary Calm
Oils for Absolute Comfort – Serenity, Balance, Roman Chamomile, Copaiba, Lavender
Oils for Grounding – Vetiver, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Copaiba, Balance
Oils for Body Aches & Pains – Helichrysum, Marjoram, Lavender, Frankincense, Copaiba, AromaTouch, Deep Blue

Dry Brush using DDR Prime + Pink Pepper Essential Oils


– Unclogs pores & lightly exfoliates to skin = boosts smoother brighter skin
– Reduce cellulite by increasing circulation to the area, distribution of fat deposits, & encouraging more muscular tone
– flow in lymphatic drainage & boost blood flow
– Rejuvenates & stimulates the nervous system via contact with All Your nerve endings in skin


Obtain a brush using organic, soft-ish bristles. Your brush should NOT scrape or leave marks, nevertheless your skin might find somewhat temporarily pink in the stimulation (that is a fantastic thing!) . Especially those who have sensitive skin (such as me), be certain that you find a brush which feels tender, not debilitating.

Jump over any cuts, broken skin, sunburns, eczema stains, or anywhere you think it could otherwise get more bloated

Skin must be completely dry, prior to a bath or shower.

I love to place 1 drop every doTERRA’s DDR Prime mix & Pink Pepper Essential components in my hands, rub them together, then rub my hands on the bristles to disperse the key oil.

Crucial here is that you always wish to be brushing in long strokes on your heart. The lymphatic fluid flows throughout the entire body to the heart, therefore it is crucial that you brush in precisely the exact same direction.

Begin with the bottoms of your feet, then proceed up from ankles to knees into thighs to buttocks. You are able to pause & concentrate in any particular areas you want.

Moving to waist, I move upward, followed closely by clockwise strokes around the stomach. Be certain not to overlook your sides out of the waist up to your armpits.

Chest moving down to the center.

Palms of hands, followed by strokes.

And you back, you will really return from neck region to your lower spine.

Do not dry brush your face;-RRB-

Whether choosing a bath or not, you really do need to rinse following Dry Brushing because you are eliminating a Lot of skin tissues


Presently there are numerous Vital Oils you can utilize with Dry Brushing (or none at all), but together with my private history of not-so-normal-acting skin tissues (know what I believe?) I would like to use Essential Oils which especially support cellular health & oxidative stress.

DDR Prime is formulated only for this particular & Pink Pepper is packed with Limonene, which can be a chemical ingredient that’s germ-destroying, anti inflammatory & supportive for pressure from the body also.

Now jump in the bathtub slowly (be sure it is not too hot!)

Drink for 15-20minutes
Turn to a podcast, a meditation, or just like the silence.
Drain the bathtub & shower as normal

Then the best part: complete your bathtub on ICE COLD. If you are new to the (or it is winter season ), it is likely to take some fixing, so simplicity into how cold you make it stay inside as long as possible. I guarantee it’ll get easier and you also may learn how to crave it. Even if all you can do is conduct the cold faucet above your toes & dab your face several times, do this.


– Increases endurance & vitality
– Promotes better circulation = better cardiovascular health
– Immune fostering
– Tightens skin follicles & hair follicles that will help keep moisture on skin & grime outside
– Speeds up recovery from exercise & muscle soreness
– Pressure reducing, promotes mood, combats depression
– Weight loss! Cold water triggers the brown fat, which Leads to an increase in calories and energy burned off to maintain your body warm
– Builds your capability to perform & suffer tough things making you stronger mentally & emotionally (I find it to DEFINITELY be authentic )

Security with Essential Oils at the tub

Some vital oils may be hot or hot, so I don’t advocate using in a tub the next oils, but not restricted to: Cinnamon, Clove, Cassia, Oregano, Thyme, Ginger. Additionally, I don’t recommend any citrus oils because of their capacity to be photosensitive from the 48hrs after contact with skin. If you are using a vital oil mix, just be certain that you read all of the oils in that mix.

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